5 reasons to stay in a nursing home

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Homes for the elderly are becoming more and more modern because they have to adapt to their users. Various additional services are offered, from medical services to social activities, hairdressing and pedicure services. The number of people who may not need 24-hour medical care, but who definitely need help that their family cannot provide, is increasing.

1. Safe environment

A family often has to provide housing conditions or hire home care to ensure the safety of a loved one whose health is deteriorating. The costs for adapting the home are getting higher, especially if it involves 24-hour medical care (from medical alarms, handles in the bathroom, ramps for wheelchairs, etc.). Homes for the elderly are adapted to access and care for the elderly, help them avoid accidents and falls, and offer 24-hour medical assistance, which means 24-hour medical staff or transportation to a nearby hospital.

2. Daily physical therapy programs

Nursing homes offer a variety of physical therapies and programs to keep residents active. Physical therapy is different from person to person depending on the physical condition. Being active in an organized exercise group helps seniors manage arthritis, improves circulation and is good for overall body health.

3. An opportunity to socialize

Loneliness and isolation of the elderly affects their health, so many suffer for the following reasons:

  • They are retired and no longer have company in the business world
  • Due to physical health or lack of transportation, they are unable to socialize with friends
  • Their friends or spouses have passed away

In homes, elderly people socialize with their peers, not only in common rooms but also in joint activities.

4. Adapted nutrition

It is very demanding to take care of the diet of elderly people in their homes. It is difficult for them to cook for themselves, if they live alone, and their families cannot monitor how healthy their loved ones are eating. Many elderly people suffer from poor nutrition and their health deteriorates even though their family is looking after them. In the home for the elderly, users have meals 4 times a day adapted to their health condition, such as stomach problems or diabetes.

5. Help with daily activities

Gardening and daily household chores can be tiring for the elderly. There comes a time when they have to leave these activities and enjoy life surrounded by people of their own generation. Homes for the elderly and infirm provide professional assistance in the daily activities of the elderly in order to make them happy and provide a better quality of life.

If you are considering the possibility of living in a nursing home for yourself or a loved one, feel free to contact us and make an appointment.

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