Medical care 24 hours (including but not limited to)

– general user care
– blood pressure control
– blood sugar control
– preventing complications due to prolonged lying down
– decubitus care
– catheterization
– giving an enema
– laboratory tests
– administration of infusions

Intensive care

In a specially equipped area, we have an intensive care department where we take care of the most seriously ill users.

The department is under video surveillance.


Our Physiotherapists take care of daily individual therapy, either by following the rehabilitation plan laid out, or by designing a light exercise regime for all of our residents to help them maintain a level of physical fitness appropriate for their age and condition.


A variety of meals is prepared in a state of the art kitchen with a guarantee of quality. With special attention paid to the individual dietary needs and preferences of our residents.

Medical transport

We provide transportation services with our vehicles for all our residents to their scheduled appointments.


There are single, double and triple rooms.

Mobile users in the rooms have a toilet with a bathroom.

There is a telephone and TV in the rooms and the entire facility is covered with Wi-Fi signal.

Common rooms

The living rooms, corridors and garden are under video surveillance, because of the complete care for the users.

Accommodation of mobile, semi-mobile and immobile persons includes:
– 24-hour medical care
– a daily doctor’s visit
– physical therapy
– administration of daily medical therapy
– if necessary, the services of a hairdresser, pedicurist

Admission documentation:
– a copy of the identity card
– health card
– supplementary insurance card
– health record
– confirmation that the person does not suffer from infectious diseases or TB (not older than 10 days).