Education of employees about healthy Mediterranean nutrition

At the Arkus home, we are constantly working to improve our service in order to provide our customers with the best. Recently, we collaborated with chef Željkom Neven Bremec from the association ŠKMER in order to improve the quality of food for the users as well as for the staff at the home.

Association ŠKMER (Chefs of Mediterranean and European countries) is an international association of chefs that operates in over 30 countries around the world.
It is engaged in the education of chefs and citizens. They organize gastronomic competitions, exhibitions, festivals and presentations, all with the goal of promoting culinary arts. In their work, they also cooperate with various companies, local communities, tourist organizations and hotels.

The education in our home consisted of preparing a menu with a chef and a nutritionist and a cooking part in the home’s kitchen. During the education, which lasted 10 days, they worked on introducing new dishes and improving the existing ones. They also paid attention to the nutritional value of food and the introduction of new foods into the daily lives of our seniors.

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