How to live a beautiful and happy old age

We are getting older every day. But why should we feel old? Having the right attitude about aging and leading a healthy life can help us stay young.

Aging affects every part of your body – including your hair, skin, heart, muscles and more, but aging is much easier if you stick to these few habits.

1. Be positive

Scientists have discovered that people in their 30s and 40s who see old age as a positive thing, as an time of wisdom, life satisfaction, time to spend with family, had less chance of developing cardiovascular diseases later in life than people who were pessimistic. You are what you think and want to be. You decide what your thoughts will be.

2. Watch what you eat

Nutrition is a very important factor in health and aging. Research shows that the healthiest diet is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, grains and proteins. A healthy diet can reduce your risk of heart attack or stroke and premature death. Foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, such as walnuts, salmon, flax, help your skin create essential oils. These oils protect the skin and make it younger. Otherwise, foods rich in sugars, carbohydrates and fats such as chips, carbonated drinks, white bread, can accelerate the aging process. 

Watch how much you eat. You need to find a balance in everything, including nutrition.

3. Reduce your stress levels

Relax. Slow down. That’s advice we should all follow in this busy everyday life. But it’s not that simple. Stress is much more complicated. It can exhaust us, which has a negative effect on our health. One study showed that there is a higher probability of disturbances and physical ailments in old age if we had increased stress at work in middle age. However, a little stress can be good for us. If you have never had to react to something demanding, the mechanisms in your brain that help in stressful situations will atrophy.
In any case, it is important to find a balance.

4. Be and stay physically active

If you want to stay vital and healthy in advanced years, exercise is inevitable. Regular physical activity will help you to be flexible, but also to feel young. It feels great to be able to continue doing many of the physical activities you did when you were young. Some people are actually more active in old age than when they were younger. However, it is interesting that there is a 2012 study which shows that people who were physically fit in middle age were less likely to develop chronic health problems such as heart disease or Alzheimer’s disease.

5. Hang out

Maintaining connections with family and friends is very important to stay healthy, mentally and physically. As we grow older, our connection with our family changes and we have the opportunity to renew our ties, especially with our own aging parents. In addition, middle-aged people are in a unique position because they can learn a lot from older and younger friends. The older will give them a sense of perspective, and the younger will give them a sense of youth and freedom. While social isolation is a big sign of an unhappy life and depression, it also brings negative health factors.

6. Take a break

You surely know that seven to nine hours of sleep is enough for a man. However, lack of sleep brings the risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Plus, taking a nap will improve your memory and catch up on sleep. During sleep, the body releases growth hormone that restores collagen and elastin, the basic substances for creating youthful, healthy skin. Chronic lack of sleep affects your brain and accelerates the aging process.   

7. It’s never too late

Today, people are living longer and longer, therefore we are given the opportunity for personal development, active planning of our own future. We cannot just sit back, wait for old age and watch our bodies die. We should think about what we would like to do; whether spending time in the garden or learning a creative skill. The most important thing we can do to ensure a comfortable and interesting old age is to plan.

What are your tips for good old age and happiness? Share your thoughts below.

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